About GolfScapes


The evolution of synthetic golf green technology has provided an outstanding true-rolling putting green surface.  However, these synthetic golf greens are unable to receive realistic pitches, chips, and fairway shots. Long stranded synthetic turf with heavy sand in-fill, “target greens”, are great for those 50 yard iron shots, but they are unpopular because of high maintenance and terrible putting performance…… until now.


New proprietary technology by our major manufacturer has now provided a low maintenance, true-roll, synthetic green that can receive pitches, chips, and fairway shots mirroring real green performance. Whether you are putting, pitching, chipping, or hitting shots from a distance, GolfScapesUSA artificial turf greens will give you the experience of playing golf shots to a synthetic green that mirrors real green performance. This new “True Spin” technology ensures your golf ball will spin and stop from 50 plus yards away while maintaining putting speeds approaching tournament conditions in all seasonal conditions.






GolfscapesUSA Phases

GolfscapesUSA artificial green complex installation is broken up into 3 phases. We apply a percentage of the total contract to three separate phases.

Phase I - 5%

Site visit and Design study

We begin by doing a site visit on the property with you. We establish a strategic vision for the complex to ensure it matches your wishes. If a replica of a famous golf green is preferred, then we can design and draw the proper scale of the improvements to fit the proposed site. We then prepare a color scale rendering of your golf complex and the preferred amenities.

Phase II - 10%

Working Drawings

The preferred design layout is then drawn in one foot contours on a scale topographical map of the property to provide a construction document for our builders to grade, shape, and compact the green complex.

Note: A 1” = 100ft or larger, topographical map of the site is needed to accomplish this.

If a Topo map is not available, then a hand drawn scale topo map is prepared and then the green, bunkers and tees are drawn to the requested size and shape.

Construction detail sheets are prepared as well.

Phase III - 85%


  1. Mobilization of construction equipment and materials.
  2. Grading and shaping of green site per design drawings.
  3. Installation of 4” of compacted road base.
  4. Installation of 1” of compacted rock dust over road base.
  5. Installation of drainage as needed, ie bunkers and collection areas.
  6. Installation of putting green elements and fringe surfaces.
  7. Installation of cups.
  8. Finish sanding of entire complex.
  9. Ready for play